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Smart Robot Dog

Item No.: K36
Robot Dog, Robot Dog Toy Rechargeable, Interactive Programmable Robot Pet for Kids, Voice Commands, App, Remote Control, Robo Dog with Bluetooth Speaker, for Boys Girls Kids
  • Lifelike and Interactive Playmate - Our robot dog toy goes beyond being just a toy—it's the perfect interactive playmate for children. Effortlessly controlled via remote, mobile app, tuch, or voice commands. With its versatile nature, this robot dog toy becomes a true friend, fulfilling children's whims and fancies. It's not just a playmate, but a partner in education and entertainment, helping your kids build a rich and colorful childhood filled with joyful learning and endless fun.
  • Inspiring Creativity and Learning - Our smart robo dogs sparks creativity and promotes learning in children. Through App, voice prompts, and interactive games, it engages kids minds, encouraging them to explore, experiment, and develop essential skills. This playful companion ignites their imagination and creates a world of wonder, where learning and laughter go hand in hand.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Speaker - Not only does it respond to various commands, but it also doubles as a wireless speaker.Experience the joy of playing with your smart pet robot while immersing yourself in a world of music. Add an extra layer of fun and excitement to your life as you create memorable moments filled with laughter and a soundtrack that sets the perfect mood. ( Note: While using Bluetooth as a speaker, please be aware that issuing a command to the dog will interrupt the playing music.)
  • Safe and Stress-Free Fun - Safety and enjoyment are our top priorities in designing our robotic dog. Crafted with child-friendly materials and features, it ensures a secure and worry-free play experience. Our robot dog toy for kids requires no feeding, grooming, or cleanup. Enjoy the companionship and entertainment without worrying about allergies or other pet-related concerns, providing a stress-free alternative for families. Let your child enjoy endless interactive fun while you relax.
  • The Perfect Gift for Kids - Our programmable interactive remote control dog is a meaningful and exceptional choice for boys and girls. Whether it's for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion, this toy brings joy and excitement. With a built-in rechargeable battery and included USB cable, it's not only convenient but also saves you money on batteries. Give the gift of endless fun, learning, and happy memories with our remarkable programmable robot dog toy.