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Self leveling Camera with Locator

Item No.: SY958DABTXC8R23
HBUDS Sewer Camera with Locator, Self-Leveling, 9'' 1080P HD Screen Drain Camera, Plumbing Camera Snake with Light, IP68 Waterproof Sewer Inspection Camera, Drain Pipe Cameras with DVR Recorder (100ft/165ft Cable Optional)
Sewer Camera with Locator- The sewer camera has a built-in 512hz sonde transmitter in the probe tip that emits a 512 hertz signal. Using a 512hz signal receiver above ground, you can pinpoint where the camera probe is underground finding the blockage or damage around pipes accurately. The rechargeable receiver has two detecting modes for accurate locating (Detecting Distance Far Mode:16.4 feet, Near Mode: 3.28 feet).
Self-leveling and IP68 Waterproof Camera- Equipped with a gravity sensor in the camera head probe. It can automatically level itself, irrespective of the angle at which the device is tilted. The self-leveling pipe cameras delivers upright pictures at all times, which help you get orientation. The IP68 waterproof camera and semi-rigid cable brings you a good operation experience when pushing the camera into the pipelines diameters at 1-8 inches.
9 inch IPS Monitor & 1080P HD Camera- When it comes to color accuracy, IPS monitors surpass the performance of TN and VA monitors with ease. The expansive viewing angles provided by IPS monitors help to deliver outstanding color when being viewed from different angles. Additionally, with 1080P high resolution camera probe, 12pcs adjustable white LED lights and 5x digital zoom function, you can always capture clearer and more true details even in total darkness, underground or underwater.
SIMPLE ASSEMBLY & OPERATION- The pipe inspection camera is easy to assemble and requires no tools to set up. Plug in the monitor connection cable and the camera probe to the push rod and that’s it, all is done. Additionally, click the button, then the sewer camera 100ft can record videos or capture photos at anytime and anywhere then store the DVR and photo files on a 16GB SD card (Included) for your reference and analysis (Support up to 128GB Card).
Compact Size & Multi-Applications- The pipe camera snake has a compact size and all the accessories are in a protective carrying case. It is convenient to store or take it anywhere you need. The plumbing camera perfectly solves the hard work of inspecting sewer lines, drains, wells, chimney, machinery, duct, tanks, railway, general building and any underground narrow environment. Perfect plumbing tools for homeowners and professional plumbers.