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SY9600A 30M

Item No.: SY9600A 30M
Inspection Camera, IP68 Waterproof Wireless Endoscope 7 Inch AHD Touch Monitor 30M/100FT Cable Sewer Pipe Inspeciton, 145°Camera with 6 LED Lights for Android and iPhone (16 GB Micro SD Card Included)
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  • Superior 7 Inch Touch Screen HD Monitor: Crystal clear 960P HD touch screen allowing the fingers to wake up the pipe inspection camera at any point. The image can rotate horizontally and capable of recording audio. Also, you can capture still images and annotate your observations on display. There are 10 languages can choose from and a 16GB MicroSD card comes included.
  • Intuitive App for Real-time Video Stream: The drain line camera is integrated with a touch screen monitor and also have the option to use your mobile phone screen for a secondary display. Need to download our app that comes in the user guide for either iOS or Android system. Once downloaded simply connect your smartphone Hotspot with the inspection camera and ready to start viewing the live feedback.
  • The Difference is in the Details: Unlike other inspection cameras this one brings powerful data capability to plumbing diagnostics. Bridging together the camera head and the connected touch screen monitor for valuable information about the in-pipe environment. The push cable is design to have a good balance between inspecting long runs and navigating tight turns with detection technology to have precise accuracy on the location of the camera head.
  • 145°Angle of View Lens Versatile Endoscope: The view angle for the borescope camera lens is 145 degrees and has a waterproof rating IP68 and has LED lights at the end of the probe. This snake camera can be used in many ways such as in narrow or confined places at home or outdoors, HVAC, pipelines, engines, air conditioners, sewers, plumbing inspection, etc.
  • Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery: The endoscope camera uses the best quality lithium-ion batteries with high capacity of 10000mA. Easily charge the battery via a power bank, mobile phone charger, or car charger to charge the battery. The time to fully charge the battery is 7 hours and grants up to 8~10 hours of use.
Do you find the box to be bulky when using video inspection camera?

We can carry this video inspection camera without using boxes.

It can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Do you want to share the monitor with other partners?

We can support mobile phones to watch the monitor in real time.

Do you want to record your partner’s suggestions when recording a video?

Our pipe camera can satisfy both video and audio recording.

Do you want to get the video at the time to check the problem?

Our pipeline inspection can support you to play back in real time on the monitor.

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Sensors: 1/3 CMOS AHD

Camera Diameter: 23MM X 34MM

Camera LED: 6 pcs 6w LED(adjustable)

Camera Angle:145 degree

While charging: lights up red

While full: green light

Battery: DC 5V 10000mA

Charging: 7-8 hours

Working: 8-10 hours

Video/Photo Resolution: 1280x700

Operate Temperature: -20-60 degree

Storage Temperature: -30-80 degree

How to use:

1.Scan the QR code on the manual to download the app in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can also search for the app which is called “Fish Camera”

2.Turn on the WiFi endoscope, use your mobile phone to search for the WiFi signal "fish ...", and then connect (please check the manual for the password). Connect to the phone via Wi-Fi in the phone network setting (not through the application).

3.Open the application and should now have a live view of your camera lens.


1. There will be a splash screen when the battery is low.

2. When the machine is powered on, the lens light is not on, you need to touch it to turn it on.