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Flying Toy Black

Item No.: B083J7G3YQ
✈EASY TO PLAY✈Grasp the round cover on the top and bottom of the drone, turn on the power switch, and when the LED flashes normally, swing the drone quickly with the wrist or turn it with another hand, the drone will start to operate.
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How to play flynova?

Forefinger and thumb grab the round covers on the top and bottom of the aircraft, turn on the power switch, and then when the LED flashes normally,

quickly swing the aircraft with your wrist or turn the aircraft with your other hand, and the aircraft will begin to operate.

How to stop flynova?

Grab FlyNova and stop spinning. Simple and safe. The closed roller design protects your hands while spinning.

FlyNova has different flying methods.

Different flying trajectories will be realized if the angle of throwing aircraft is different.



1 x USB charging cable

1 x User manual


1. Keep your face, ear and hair away from boomerang UFO.

2.Do not put your finger inside the flynova when it works.

3.Do not fly “FLYNOVA” to light bulbs and tubes fragile objects such as glass.

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