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7D1-Cable 30M Red

Item No.: B0882NZHLH
30M Cable for Pipe Pipeline Inspection Camera(Only for PRANITE HBUDS Anysun IHBUDS Aukfa)
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  • Cable diameter: 32 cm / 12.6 inches
  • Cable meter: 20M / 65FT, 30M / 100FT (optional)
  • Be careful not to bend the line 90 degrees
  • Cable material: PVC coated glass fiber
  • Rugged cable: sturdy and hard-wearing
       This cable is only suitable for 7D1 pipe pipeline inspection camera. Before choosing this cable, please make sure you have 7D1 pipeline detector

      Applies to: For PRANITE HBUDS IHBUDS Anysun Akufa brand