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7D1-512 Sonde

Item No.: 7D1-512T-camera head
512Hz Sonde Transmitter, IP68 Waterproof 0.9inch HD Camera Head Replacement only for HBUDS Underwater Sewer Pipeline Inspection Camera System
The 512Hz transmitter is a replacement only for HBUDS sewer camera.
The 512 Hertz sonde can be received by any 512hz frequency receiver. (512hz receiver not included)
Total Pixels: 1000 TVL HD; Waterproof: IP68.
View Angele: 120 degrees; LEDS adjustable.
Attention Pls!!! Please contact the seller before ordering. Pls send seller a photo of your pipe camera. We will check the compatibility with your device. Avoid the incompatible replacement damage your unit. Thank you.