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512Hz Transmitter, 0.9inch / 23mm IP68 Waterproof Camera Head Sonde for Deep Pipe Location (Only for PRANITE Anysun HBUDS IHBUS Aukfa 7D1

Item No.: 512Hz Camera
512Hz Sonde: This is a camera with 512Hz frequency, you can use it to detect deep places and locate them easily.
IP68 Waterproof: Our 512hz sonde are IP68 waterproof, so you can easily detect underwater with them.
Adjustable Lights: This 512hz locator c
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PRANITE is your manufacturer of sewer drain pipe camera and inspection systems.

Our systems provide crystal clear imaging of any enclosed environment.

Use our systems to inspect pipes, drains, air ducts, chimneys, gas vents and more.

PRANITE is a leading-edge manufacturer of video pipeline inspection solutions.

Our Inspection Camera Systems can be used by municipalities, plumbers, contractors, and civil/environmental engineers.

We are here to support our customers with providing top-notch professional customer support by providing 12 months of after-sales service

and permanent customer service consulting services for our products, and provide friendly and easy-to-access customer support.


Camera Sensor: 1/3 CMOS

Camera Angle-of -View: 92°(horizontal)92°(vertical)

Waterproof Level: IP68

Work temperature: -10°C-50°C

Camera Depth-of-View: 400mm

Camera Size: 23mm x 185mm

Camera Image: Color

Camera Light Source:White LED

This 512Hz camera only use for PRANITE Anysun HBUDS IHBUS Aukfa sewer camera of 7D1.